Almost every student will want to Study in the USA because it is a hub of numerous top Universities in the World. The American Economy is also one of the most vibrant economies under the sun. There is an unlimited availability of Job opportunities all over the States and yes it is a multicultural society.

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Almost all American universities have scholarship schemes set in place to push outstanding but needy students to their limits. You can land a juicy scholarship that will take care of all your tuition fees and accommodation till you graduate. Scholarships are also offered to sportsmen and Athletes with incredible talents.

Jobs and Stay Back Options

America is one of the few Study Overseas Destinations that Guarantees Students Jobs. You can earn a lot of money to cater for yourself while you study provided you’re not lazy but hardworking.You also have the opportunity of on the job training during or after your study. There is also the stay back option which allows you to remain in the U. S after your studies.

International Students are allowed to work Twenty Hours in a week during their Course and Forty Hours per week during their vacations. You can make $9 – $15 per hour depending on your Job

Places To Visit

New York
Las Vegas
The White House
Los Angeles
The Grand Canyon
Niagara Falls
The Statue Of Liberty
Death Valley